9 Reasons Why Gearheads Should Consider The 2023 Dodge Charger King Daytona

The King Daytona is a fitting farewell to the legendary Charger marque, with retro-inspired bodywork and an 807-hp monster under the hood.

Dodge has released a variety of "Last Call" special edition cars to commemorate the last year of manufacturing for the venerable Charger and Challenger. 

After 2023, the brand will stop producing vehicles with Hemi V8 engines.

The final versions of the renowned muscle cars from the manufacturer will be sold.

Essentially, this marks the conclusion of a storied period of gas-powered muscle vehicles. 

Many are curious as to why Dodge is discontinuing its muscle vehicles at the height of their potential given that the Dodge Challenger will surpass the Ford Mustang as the best-selling muscle car in the United States in 2021.