Why Dodge Is Discontinuing Its Best-Selling Challenger And Charger Muscle Car

Is the American manufacturer really getting rid of its V8-powered vehicles while they're at the top of their game?

Dodge will formally discontinue the gas-powered Challenger and Charger from its range by the end of 2023. 

Dodge made the announcement at a crucial juncture for the industry as more vehicles with electric powertrains are being produced by manufacturers.

What aficionados are now debating is a potential future in which Dodge, 

a brand long associated with modern American muscle vehicles (which have often been ICE-powered), may switch its portfolio to a hybrid and electric powertrain type.

Many are curious as to why Dodge is discontinuing its muscle vehicles at the height of their potential given that the Dodge Challenger will surpass the Ford Mustang as the best-selling muscle car in the United States in 2021.